October 19, 2023

IWA Youth Voices Podcast: Exploring the IWA-Grundfos Fellowship gathering in Denmark

In this episode of the IWA Youth Voices podcast, we explore the transformative experiences of Hadi Toure, a young water professional from Mali, who participated in the IWA & Grundfos Fellowship Gathering in Denmark (11-14 September 2023).

Hosted by Muhammad Anique Azam, Chair of the IWA YWP Pakistan Chapter, this episode delves into youth empowerment, global water challenges, and the inspiration that emerges when young water professionals unite. Hadi Toure shares the powerful message she brought to the gathering, emphasising the potential of citizen science to address the global water crisis. The episode includes Hadi’s advice for young professionals looking to make a difference in the water sector. Join us for this enriching episode as we explore how the IWA & Grundfos Fellowship Gathering fosters global connections, inspires positive change, and empowers youth to drive sustainable solutions. Hadi’s story is a testament to the power of young voices in shaping a more sustainable water future. Tune in to the IWA Youth Voices Podcast and discover how young water professionals are paving the way for a better tomorrow.