October 19, 2020 Membership

IWA Announces 2020 Fellows and Distinguished Fellows

The International Water Association (IWA) is very pleased to announce the appointment of new 2020 IWA Fellows and Distinguished Fellows.

The individual water professionals are being recognised by their peers for their sustained outstanding contribution to the water profession, and to delivering the IWA mission of creating a water-wise world, improving the wellbeing of societies and the environment.



The IWA Board of Directors confirmed seven new IWA Distinguished Fellows and seventeen new IWA Fellows.

The aim of the IWA fellowship programme is not only to recognise the impact of particular individuals on the water profession and for the sector. It is also to foster the transdisciplinary community and to propel its empowerment to combine leading-edge scientific breakthroughs, technological developments and creative mindsets from the laboratory with the best water management practices in the field.

The 2020 IWA Fellows and Distinguished Fellows will be honoured at an official ceremony during the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, in Copenhagen, 9-14 May 2021. 


Please help us welcome the new IWA Fellows and Distinguished Fellows!


2020 IWA Distinguished Fellows

The IWA Distinguished Fellows are outstanding water professionals, recognised for their unique contributions to advancing water science and management and to supporting the IWA’s mission and objectives.

Jurg Keller, Australia

Hamanth Kasan, South Africa

Charles Haas, USA

Xia Huang, China

Akica Bahri,  Tunisia

Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran, Australia

Michael Stenstrom, USA


2020 IWA Fellows

The IWA Fellows are recognised professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the national and regional water sector, as well as to IWA.

Helle Katrine Andersen (Denmark)
Fabio Masi (Italy)
Francesco Fatone (Italy)
Hiroyuki Katayama (Japan)
Zhen (Jason) He (USA)
Mari Asami (Japan)
Ana Soares (UK)
Cheryl Davis (USA)
Harsha Ratnaweera (Norway)
Edmond (Ed) Johannes, Smeets (Netherlands)
Guoren Xu (China)
Jorge Rodriguez R. (United Arab Emirates)
Jes, Clauson-Kaas (Denmark)
Olivier Lefebvre (Singapore)
Kathryn, Silvester (Australia)
Amy Pruden (United States)
Jizhong Zhou (USA)

Michael Stenstrom, new IWA Distinguished Fellow and Distinguished Professor at University of California, said, “IWA has provided a vehicle for me to work with other scholars in water science and engineering, around the world, through its journals (Water Research and Water Science and Technology) and conferences. I am pleased to be recognized as IWA Distinguished Fellow, which gives me access and authority to support improved water quality”.

Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran has worked on issues important to the water industry since 1981, including those in developing and developed countries. His reaction to the Distinguished Fellows recognition was: “IWA enabled me to participate in IWA world and development congresses and serve as scientific committee member in membrane, water reuse, rainwater and solid liquid separation Specialist group meetings. This helped me to broaden my knowledge in different water issues and their sustainable solutions by interacting with Water professionals, scientists and policy makers”.

Professor of Tsinghua University, Xia Huanghighlighted “I am so pleased to be appointed as the IWA Distinguished Fellow in this memorable year, the 20th year since I joined IWA. I was invited to join the program committee of a regional conference in 2000, starting the strong connection between IWA and me. I began to participate in more IWA activities gradually and grew to be a better scientist with wider horizon and stronger networks benefiting from the fruitful communication on this global platform, and I was nominated as IWA fellow in 2012 “.

Hamanth Kassan, General Manager Scientific Services at Rand Water, shared “my vision of the future is rapid and meaningful progress on overcoming the inconvenient truth, access to water and sanitation for all. The IWA and water professionals globally should be excited by this challenge and the IWA and its partners are ideally positioned to connect global experts to focus on alleviating challenges”.

With these new appointments in 2020, the IWA counts 209 Fellows, and 46 Distinguished Fellows striving to address the urgent water and environmental challenges our world is facing. Please follow the IWA Fellows and IWA Distinguished Fellows on IWA-Connect, the global platform of water professionals!

The IWA Fellows appointment recognises sustained outstanding contribution of an experienced water professional to the national and regional water sector, as well as to IWA. Their nomination is initially for a period of 5 years and their role is to support IWA’s mission and leadership in the implementation of the organisation’s Strategic Plan, promoting IWA, supporting the network’s growth, and increasing the engagement of its members.

The Distinguished Fellows designation is an honorific recognition limited in number, and is for IWA Fellows (and a restricted number of other professionals) who have been recognized for their long-term (at least 10 year) extraordinary contributions to the global water sector and leadership role performed in supporting IWA’s mission and objectives. Distinguished Fellows are appointed for life and their role is to support IWA’s mission and leadership in the implementation of the organization’s Strategic Plan of IWA at international level to advance the aims and reputation.

The IWA congratulates our new incoming Fellows and Distinguished Fellows!